15000 puffs


Luminous body

USB charging connector

Digital display

Silicone shell



10000 puffs


Large battery capacity - no recharge throughout the use

Durable aluminum body

Display showing battery charge



12000 puffs


Soft-touch case with a pearl effect

Display with indication of battery charge and e-liquid volume

USB Type-C charging port



7000 puffs


Display with indication of battery charge and e-liquid volume

Fast charge: 100% in 30 minutes

2 power modes



INFLAVE is not just a product from one of the leaders in the vape industry. This name stands for a large international team, passionate about their work. Day by day, we develop a popular product for you, set trends, and change the industry for the better. We make our devices with the utmost attention to details and care for our consumer, collaborate with the most progressive factories, and dozens of experts in the field of development, production, and marketing. The result of our work is hundreds of carefully selected flavors in your favorite format.

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Advanced Technologies

All INFLAVE devices are equipped with high-quality mesh coil evaporators, energy-intensive cobalt batteries without self-discharge, and certified fluids with medical control of composition and quality. All components are regularly inspected, and defects are detected and corrected in a timely manner, ensuring the high quality of the delivered equipment and flavor stability from batch to batch.

Careful Selection of Components

The production of INFLAVE devices is a complex technological cycle that involves dozens of factories supplying elements of our products. Only carefully selected, high quality components enter the INFLAVE production line where our devices are manufactured. We closely monitor technological trends and promptly implement the most advanced technologies of the vape industry in our products.

The Lowest Defect Rate

INFLAVE devices undergo strict quality control at all stages of production, which ensures the lowest defect rate in the industry. The liquids used in the devices are constantly tested for quality and composition. At the final stage of production, all necessary tests are carried out: checking the functionality of all technical components, checking for liquid leakage and the appearance of a burnt flavor during use, checking the effect of external factors such as vibration, changes in temperature and pressure during transportation.

Exclusive flavors

The INFLAVE range includes over 150 unique flavors exclusively developed by leading e-liquid manufacturers and tailored to the technical features of each device. The flavors are tested, selected, and optimized by an international team of flavorists. All flavors are customized for each market based on user needs and independently tested with a focus group before release.

Stylish accessory

INFLAVE products are designed by professional industrial designers with the goal of creating aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic devices. Each line is visually different from the others and has its own unique philosophy. The wide range of our products allows the consumer to choose the optimal device both in terms of appearance and number of puffs.


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